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See Why Glen Glen Peloso of 104.5 Chum FM Chose Steel
With a 50 year limited warranty, large variety of colour choices, and fast installations, steel roofing is ideal for residential applications.
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Asphalt Shingles used to be the best option for roofing, but in the last decades changes in the asphalt shingle manufacturing process and new roofing materials have changed that.
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  • Comes with a 50 year limited warranty
  • Large variety of colours and modern designs
  • Looks fantastic and will last a lifetime
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With a 50 Year Limited Warranty and Large Selection of Styles and Colours Steel Roofing Is The Leading Choice Among Individual Home Owners & Home Owner’s Associations 
"I've Stopped Worrying About My Roof With Steel Roofing" - Glen Peloso
Dear Homeowner, 
Do you need to replace your roof? Are you worried that your next roof will need replacing in just a few years again and again? Do you want roof that actually improves how your house looks? 

Replacing your roof the same old way hits your wallet two times. First when you buy your roof and have it installed, and then a few years later when you have to have it replaced again years before the warranty date because the roof you were sold was not designed to last for years.

Every day your roof gets assaulted by the elements and traditional asphalt shingles now lack the protective element that made them last in the past, (asbestos). Now that asbestos is banned from construction materials, asphalt shingles don’t last as long no matter what the manufacturers claim they do. 

But what’s the solution? There are many companies that will make promises that their product will last, but they end up paying prorated warranty payments to consumers when their shingles fail years ahead of their warranty dates. Metal shingles were always a better solution, but the noise they made when it rained made them less desirable for house and they did not look good for residences. These problems have been fixed. 

Innovating companies in the steel roofing industry have spent years developing steel roofing solutions that last 10 times longer than asphalt shingles, that look great, that do not amplify rain noise and can stop snow from sliding off just like their asphalt counterpart.

Metal shingles are so resistant to weather because they do not bend or let water get under the seams thus preventing them from getting loose and flying off your roof.

This will be the last roof you will ever need
Steel roofs come in many colours and styles 
Steel roofs can increase your house’s resale value
Steel roofs can be installed over an existing roof reducing waste

As with asphalt shingles there are many manufacturers and installers and doing due diligence will prevent unpleasant experience. Always check references, get estimates in writing and look for reviews of the companies on 3rd party websites such as Homestar, Google or Yelp.

Take a few minutes and watch the video below and see the complete installation of the steel roof of Glen Peloso's home from start to finish.
Watch the Roof Installation Video With Glen Peloso
Steel Roofs Come With a 50 Year Limited Warranty, Find Out More...
Steel Roofs Come With a 50 Year Limited Warranty. Find Out More, Complete The Form Below...